Don’t worry, Baby Yoda will have a backstory


In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, the internet has been all abuzz about Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian. Rescued at the end of the first episode, the little bugger has been lighting up social media and taken the world by storm since. Baby Yoda comes in the long line of cute mascot characters that Star Wars has been churning out for years. Ewoks may have been the first, and most long-lasting example, but remember the Porgs? Porgs were a thing in The Last Jedi and people lost their mind over them. Now I can’t think of anyone that is still an adamant Porg supporter. 

Regardless of how you feel towards Baby Yoda, there’s no denying the sense of mystery that he creates just by being alive. There are so many questions to ask about him, like why are the Empire’s remnants so adamant about capturing him? Don’t you worry, since according to showrunner Jon Favreau, who was asked about Baby Yoda during a very interesting interview about the various new technology he’s used in his recent directorial work, he will get a backstory.

Favreau states, “We’ll learn more about him over the course of the season. I think what’s great about what George created is that Yoda proper, the character that we grew up watching, was always shrouded in mystery, and that was what made him so archetypal and so mythic. We know who he is based on his behavior and what he stands for, but we don’t know a lot of details about where he comes from or his species. I think that’s why people are so curious about this little one of the same species.”

If you’re interested at all in how movies are made and how Favreau was able to create such spectacular animation between The Jungle Book and The Lion King. It’s clear that he’s very interested in technology and using new innovations to further exactly what come be done via animation. And then the interview takes a hard left turn into Baby Yoda territory. I’m indifferent towards Baby Yoda truth be told, but I can see him quickly becoming a nuisance if the memes refuses to die. It’s telling that the only reason a people would possibly click on an article talking about new advances in computer graphics was if there was a smidge of Baby Yoda thrown in there. All hail Baby Yoda. 

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