Donald Glover tweets entire screenplay for his Deadpool TV show


FX and Donald Glover were going to make an animated Deadpool TV show until they weren’t. The abrupt cancellation of the show’s production was a bit of a head scratcher as Deadpool is pretty hot right now, as is Glover himself, and FX doesn’t shy away from doing different things (see Legion). All FX said was that creative differences caused the split, but some speculated that Glover may have been too busy with his myriad of other projects to truly put together the show. Well, Donald Glover does not take kindly to fools spreading rumors about him and has thus released the entire script for the “final” episode of the Deadpool cartoon. Kind of…

Obviously(?), this is more of a joke than anything, but it’s pretty hilarious one. Who knows how much of it was actually from an episode, but the riff on the show’s “cancellation” is fantastic. In fact, the entire gag of Tweeting out an episode that comments on its non-existence is the most Deadpool thing to do and makes me sad Glover won’t be making the animated series because he clearly gets it. 

Matthew Razak
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