DOOM Patrol’s Season 2 trailer reintroduces to the big, messed up family


With only two weeks until Doom Patrol’s return, the first trailer for the show has been released and it’s as strange as you are expecting it to be. After a brief reintroduction to our motley crew of heroes, we find out what the goal of the season is most likely going to be. The Chief’s daughter, Jenny Spinner, has gone missing, and it seems like it’s going to be up to the Doom Patrol to find here. The one catch is like, if this rendition of Jenny has the same powers as her comic book counterpart, then she can imagine anything into existence and most likely end the world without even trying. So yeah. No pressure. 

Besides that, the trailer shows us that the team seems to actually be coming together as a cohesive unit. While the first season focused on the numerous problems that each member had to comes to terms with, it seems that everyone is now trying to take a step in the right direction and help build on each other. Whether it’s Crazy Jane accepting the fact that the Doom Patrol is her surrogate family or Rita trying to use her powers to become a superhero, the characters seems to actually want to grow and help the world at large rather than wallow in their own self pity. 

But hey, let’s not forget that this is a show where everyone gets shrunken onto a race-car track and Brendan Fraser punches a rat in the face. Because of course that happens in this show.

Doom Patrol’s second season will debut on HBO Max and DC Universe on June 25, 2020 with three episodes premiering then, followed by new episodes every week. 

Jesse Lab
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