Doooomed! DC’s Doom Patrol series gets a premiere date


Ah, the holidays. A time for cozying up by the fireplace (if you have a fireplace, use it for me; I’m always cold), sipping some cocoa, and reading some comics. Or, you could cozy up and anticipate all those screen adaptations of your favorite characters — reading is so 20th century!

Fans rejoice then at today’s update on DC’s Doom Patrol, confirmed to premiere exclusively on their DC Universe platform February 15th, 2019.

Making their paper debut in the early ’60s, it was Scottish comic book author Grant Morrison whose work on the team in the late-’80s cemented them as special in this reader’s heart. Featuring bizarre encounters and characters (see: a league of villains who worship dada, a sentient street, the Sex Men), Morrison’s tales managed to be highly substantial beyond their strangeness, dealing seriously with mental illness. Hell, main Patroller Rebis is written to be struggling with his gender identity, shirking the previous title of “Negative Man.” It’s really some of the best, most daring stuff I’ve ever read in a comic book, and highly recommended as primer for those looking to tune in early next year.

Following their screen debut in an episode of Titans, the first show to premiere on DC Universe, the Patrol will likely be up to all sorts of existential threats. Led by The Chief (ex-Bond Timothy Dalton in a brilliant stroke of casting), the Patrol is Robot Man (Brendan Fraser), Negative Man (Matt Bomer), Elasti-Woman (April Bowlby), and Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero). Joivan Wade plays Teen Titan, Justice Leaguer, and all-around nice guy Cyborg, who will be teaming up with the Doom Patrol for their… patrols. 

DC Universe, which also provides access to a selection of the industry titan’s back catalog of classic comics, has big plans for their series. With the first season of Titans wrapping up today, our eyes are cast forward. Doom Patrol in February, as well as Swamp Thing (to be produced by Aquaman director James Wan), Stargirl, and Metropolis are all cooking. Personally, I’m cautiously optimistic to see some of my favorite oddball DC characters brought to life!