Double Dare is coming back to dare us a double time

Double Dare New Episodes Coming This Summer

If you were a kid growing up in the 80s and 90s then you know that the greatest game show to ever grace television was Double Dare, a show whose entire concept was based around coating people in disgusting substances. Sadly, at some point the world turned against green slime and unidentifiable sludge, and Double Dare want off the air. But Nickelodeon has decided the time is right to end the dark times and is bringing the show back!

Of course they’ve tried to revive it before. We all remember Double Dare 2000, right? No? Well, then that was the problem. This time around, with the great advancements in slime and food gunk technology that have been born since then, we’re sure to get a hit that rivals even the greatest classic episodes. After all, Nickelodeon is bringing back many of the classics like the giant booger nose and chocolate mouth slide. 

No announcement on who will be hosting, but you’ll be able to watch 40 new episodes of Double Dare starting this summer.

Matthew Razak
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