Drafthouse Films to distribute post-apocalyptic DDR film


Technically, it’s called Beat-Beat Revelation in the film, but let’s not split hairs. Drafthouse Films, which is owned by the folks that own the infamous Alamo Drafthouse, has bought the rights to The FP, the aforementioned winner of “most ridiculous film concept I’ll see this month.” The FP, directed by the Trost Brothers, debuted at this past South by Southwest, which apparently made Drafthouse CEO Tim League want to “evangelize their strange new gospel.” 

Basically, The FP is set in a terrible future world where conflicts are resolved with a dancing video game and everyone is dressed like Mad Max had a retarded baby with rave punks. The trailer is below the cut, as it’s NSFW, and it’s absolutely stupid. It’s not even silly. It’s just flat stupid with a side helping of moron. I could crap in a film can, and that would be more entertaining than whatever this thing is.

[Via /Film]

The FP – Trailer from Trost Bros. on Vimeo.