Dreamworks may adapt Need for Speed into a movie


It’s time for another chapter of “How to Option IPs Based on Brand Value Alone.” Past chapters have included properties like The Sims, a videogame about simulating boring everyday life, and Battleship, a simplistic board game that is now some sort of fight against aliens. Our newest chapter focuses on Need for Speed, a long-running racing videogame series from Electronic Arts.

Yes, for some reason, Dreamworks might want to make a movie out of this, or at least they’re expected to buy the rights. The games are never known for their stories, so it’s obvious that there is some treatment out there about driving cars fast that needed some brand recognition to get people into the theater. John and George Gatins are writing and producing the film, having worked on Real Steel, Hardball, Flight, and She’s Out of My League.

Look, I don’t care if Michael Bay directed the trailer for the most recent game, Need for Speed: The Run, a game that boasted the major innovation of being able to get out of your car and run around. This is a silly idea and will just be aping The Fast and the Furious franchise. Plus, I’m not sure if fans of the series are dedicated enough to want to see a movie of the games they play. I bet they’d be more interested in paying for the inevitable movie tie-in game.

[Via /Film]