Dreamworks to lose $50M for Rise of the Guardians failure


Regardless of having to only compete with Wreck It-Ralph for children’s attention, Rise of the Guardians had a weak opening weekend, losing out to Twilight 5. This paltry performance apparently didn’t get any better since, according to The Wrap, Dreamworks Animation is “projected to lose $50 million” because of it. Apparently not enough kids got suckered into seeing this lackluster picture

What exactly does this mean for Dreamworks? It could spell trouble for their giant amount of animated nostalgia in the future. Either kids are getting smarter, or they’re getting bored. Remember the Ooogieloves fiasco? They share the same circumstances. They’re both movies released with a very narrow audience in mind (although Rise of The Guardians could be at fault for skewing older), both released during disadvantageous times, and both might make more money in home video and subsequent releases (especially during the holidays for ROTG). So this massive failure for Dreamworks could either be indicative of their mass produced animated products losing their appeal or of less people going to terrible movies. Who knows? 

[via The Wrap]