Drive sequel novel and Drive-inspired menswear in 2012


A bit of Drive-related news for the end of the week. Unfortunately none of it is hot dog related, but let’s just try to stay positive, everyone.

First of all, menswear designer Bernardo Rojo is creating a clothing line inspired by the scorpion jacket from the film. Rojo is the Creative Director of Joseph Abboud, who makes some spiffy-looking looking suits and coats that I can’t afford right now. The first look at the Drive-inspired line will be in January. If you want a replica of the scorpion jacket, you can get one at Steady Clothing. Your scorpion jacket can be a symbol of your individuality, and your belief in personal freedom. Or, you know, a reference to your unchangeable nature.

Second, it looks like James Sallis has a sequel to the novel Drive coming out in April. Titled Driven, Sallis provided Lit Reactor with the following short synopsis: “Six years later — Phoenix. Out of nowhere someone wants Driver dead. Who? Why? Big mistake…” Sallis’s latest novel, The Killer is Dying, was named a New York Times Notable Crime Book for 2011, selected as one of their favorite noirs.

We’ve got a larger cover mock-up for Driven in the gallery.

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“Oh, hey guys. Don’t mind me. Just looking fly like usual.”

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