Drunk History recites Twas the Night Before Christmas


As many of us make ready for some Christmas cheer, we know that those initial feelings of holiday warmth will be followed by petty family arguments, bitter requests for gift receipts, and your uncle’s bad gas after dinner. At least we can finally watch some basketball. (Those little joys mean a lot sometimes, guys.)

Before you prepare your mulled cider and cue that 10-hour yule log video, the Drunk History crew has a tipsy message of Christmas cheer starring Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey, and Eva Mendes. Yeah, it’s no Abraham Lincoln / Frederick Douglass, but it’s got Gosling, so there. And happy holidays.

[Via Funny or Die]

“Oh, hey guys and gals! Didn’t expect you to look here, but I’m glad you stopped by. Happy holidays!”

Hubert Vigilla
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