Dumb and Dumber 2 begins shooting at the end of 2012


I got to speak to comedy directing legend Peter Farrelly this weekend about his upcoming Three Stooges film, and we got to talking about some of his future projects. The first you’ll be wanting to hear about is the in-development sequel to the 1994 classic Dumb and Dumber. Farrelly had this to say on the film’s status: “We’ve got Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey back, and we’re shooting in September, and it’ll come out 2013, if the Mayans are wrong…and that’s picking up where Dumb and Dumber left off.”

So there you have it! As sequels go, this is one I know a lot of people haven’t exactly asked for, but Dumb and Dumber has aged rather magnificently, as opposed to the Ace Ventura movies, so I’ve always held out some small amount of hope that the Farrelly brothers would return to the film that made them famous, especially after how godawful the prequel Dumb and Dumberer was. To my amusement, Farrelly made it abundantly clear that he and his brother had nothing to do with that film, so you can imagine the man’s feelings on it. I’ve got a little more news on upcoming Farrelly brothers projects coming later in the week, and you can read my full review of The Three Stooges and my full interview with Peter Farrelly next week.