Duncan Jones’s next project to be an homage to Blade Runner


Duncan Jones is on a hot streak right now. His debut feature Moon was absolutely phenomenal and he’s poised to repeat his success with the upcoming Source Code. While a leaked script and production led most to believe that his next project would be Mute, Duncan Jones tells We Got This Covered that Mute is in limbo and is now working on an homage to Blade Runner. In the interview, Duncan states:

“[Mute is] in a bit of a limbo actually. I’ve always loved the script and felt it was a film worth making, but it’s a tricky one. It’s a sci-fi film, and one of the drafts of the scripts got leaked a while back. The reaction was mixed. Most people didn’t get the fact that yes it is sci-fi but it’s a futurist film. It’s a thriller that happens to take place in the future, it’s not some amazing piece of technology that ya know the world is depending upon and the whole story revolves around some particular piece of technology or some sci-fi hook … the one thing I can tell you about my next project is that I’m determined to do a future city film, I want it to be my homage to Blade Runner, even if it’s a bit bigger, it will be a city based future film.”

I’m really looking forward to Duncan Jone’s future projects, despite the fact that I’m overly jealous of the man. It’s not so much that his first film was such a phenomenal success or the fact that he’s doing the sci-fi genre justice, but more so the fact that David Bowie is his father. Man, it must’ve been awesome to be raised by Ziggy Stardust.

[via We Got This Covered]