Dwayne Johnson signs for Russo Brothers actioner Ciudad


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has never found a movie he couldn’t make better, whether fast-fondling Vin Diesel in Fast Five or surviving otherwise dreadful movies like Be Cool, Doom and even Tooth Fairy with his credibility inexplicably intact. Action movies have unsurprisingly brought out the best in him, so it’s a relief that appears to be the genre he’s settling into. With G.I. Joe sequel Retaliation on the way, he has now also signed on for Ciudad, an action thriller to be directed by the Russo Brothers. Better than Tooth Fairy 2: Cavity Search, anyway.

Apart from Johnson’s presence, the interesting thing about this otherwise generic sounding movie – mercenary is hired to locate a Brazilian drug dealer’s daughter in an unnamed city rife with corruption – is that the Russo Brothers are usually associated with comedies, having recently directed You, Me And Dupree on the big screen and episodes of Community, Arrested Development and Happy Endings for television. Their experience with action is approximately nil, though a press release describes Ciudad as ‘the culmination of a long time ambition to bring [their] sensibilities to an action thriller.’ Who knows how it’ll turn out, but hey, at least The Rock’s in it!

[via Collider]