Dwayne Johnson teases filming of Shazam! spin-off, Black Adam


Dwayne Johnson has been attached to play Black Adam, Shazam’s counterpart in the comic books, for nearly a decade. Johnson has been integral in bringing Shazam and Black Adam to the big screen in a devout way that’s almost as impressive as Ryan Reynold’s love of Deadpool. The Shazam film starring him, however, had a lot of trouble getting off the ground and eventually we got a Shazam movie without his biggest enemy. It worked, though, and Shazam! made a lot of money, which led Johnson to the thank you video below in which he explains why we haven’t seen Black Adam yet, but more importantly that they’ll be filming the movie soon… well, soon enough… maybe… there’s no real date but he does say next year. Look, it’s coming, I’m sure.

Honestly, there’s been so much talk about a Black Adam movie happening that even with Johnson pushing it seems like it never will occur. The insight here that they actually wanted to split the film into two origins is pretty impressive for a studio that crammed out the Justice League without thinking of actually planning for the future. Maybe DC has learned something over the past few years. I’m also going to applaud their desire to make villain origin stories. With both a Black Adam movie and Joker, DC seems to be attacking Marvel at one of its weakest points, their villain setups. Hopefully, it pays off.

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