Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson talks Fast & Furious sequels


The sixth entry in the Fast & Furious series was originally scheduled to shoot back to back with the seventh, but that plan has now been abandoned according to star Dwayne Johnson. This is reportedly down to ‘weather issues’ causing trouble on the shoot, which has relocated from sunny Brazil to the altogether more rain-sodden climes of Germany and the UK.

Fast Five showed promise as a ridiculous actioner, so long as they ditch the heist and character development gumpf that clogged up the middle act and stick to car chases. The Rock and his bodybuilder bro-love ballet with Vin Diesel was one of the movie’s sweatiest highlights, so it’s encouraging to read this will likely continue for two more movies at least. For now, Fa6t & Furiou6: High-Octane Hunk Honeymoon is scheduled for release on May 27th of next year, allowing plenty of time for gay marriage to be legalised and, so long as rain doesn’t stop play for too long, perhaps adopt a beefcake baby in time for the seventh entry.

[via EMPIRE]

I’m claiming copyright on that High-Octane Hunk Honeymoon subtitle, by the way. Send me your money, Hollywood!