E.L. James’ husband writing Fifty Shades sequel


I understand giving an author some say over their book’s adaptation, but this is getting ridiculous. It seems that the production of these films is so awful, any of the slightly talented people involved are being chased off by this nonsense. The series has already lost its intended director, Sam Taylor-Johnson (who made some of the more interesting decisions in that film and kept it at ’30’ in the review), and its central stars are asking for more money to keep dealing with this crap. Now we can expect the writing to be worse than it was in the first film. 

E.L. James (writer of the original texts)’ husband Niall Leonard is set to write the sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, in order to replace screenwriter Kelly Marcel who’s left the film as well (after reportedly arguing with Leonard during production of the first film). This whole production has been, well, a clusterf**k for lack of a better word. Any hope for this sequel is long gone. I feel sorry for the folks who were actually looking forward to this. There’s just no way this could be any kind of good. 

[via THR]