E.L. James wants control over next Fifty Shades screenplay


Fifty Shades Of Grey was a movie without a country. Sam Taylor-Johnson attempted to craft a feminist subversion out of the novel’s infamous tale of abuse, whereas E.L. James wanted her work to be faithfully adapted, and clashed repeatedly during the movie’s production. The end result was a movie that pleased nobody whatsoever, alienating to those who wanted to see their favourite books up on screen, and offering no real way in for those who already didn’t care. Nick reviewed it, returning with tales of an audience literally shouting at the screen in bewilderment as the credits roll.

It’s unsurprising then, that E.L. James is demanding more creative control over the sequel, making a bid to write the screenplay herself. Word is that Taylor-Johnson and writer Kelly Marcel are both off the project, though everything is unconfirmed as of yet. But it sounds like the behind the scenes of Fifty Shades are just as on fire after the movie’s release as they were before.

For as dull a movie as Fifty Shades was, maybe one day we’ll get a film based on this fascinating behind the scenes creative war and it’ll be the next State and Main. I can but dream.

[via Variety]