Eastern Promises 2 is dead, says Cronenberg


So much for that great header.

Focus Features has dropped a proposed sequel to David Cronenberg’s 2006 Eastern Promises, which would have reunited David Cronenberg with Vincent Cassel and Viggo Mortensen as their characters from the original film. No specific reason was given as to why the film was cancelled, only that it came as a decision from the studio and not as a result of key members of the creative team jumping ship.

I never really understood why Cronenberg was deciding to go back to the Eastern Promises well. It was a solid movie, but it didn’t seem the sort that really needed revisiting. I’m hoping that this means Cronenberg is going to develop some more original ideas for his next movie. I mostly just need something to wash the dreadful taste of Cosmopolis out of my mouth, but you’ll see my review for that soon enough.

[Via IndieWire]