Eastern Promises sequel set to start production in 2019


Though hints have been dropped for some time now in the years since David Cronenberg’s 2007 gangster film, screenwriter Steven Knight has given some fresh details on his follow up to Eastern Promises, and it sounds as if we won’t have to wait another decade.

Speaking to Collider about his new film Serenity, Knight responded to sequel comments with a confident “It’s coming,” going on to address the doubts that have surrounded the long-teased sequel. Anything film-industry demands a grain of salt, but we could be hearing a lot more about the Russian crime saga (outside of the news–zing!) soon, as Knight mentions shooting to start this year. 

An unnamed director is said to be attached to the project, though Knight was firm in saying Viggo Mortensen will not be returning to the streets of London as tattooed enforcer Nikolai, and that they’re in talks with several actors. 

Most interesting are the comments on the revisions the script has seen. Knight hints at Russia’s role in international headlines, saying his script has been “adapted to reflect recent events.”

Fingers crossed for a backroom Trump cameo a la Deadpool 2‘s X-Men gag.

Even as a big Cronenberg fan, Eastern Promises ties with Scanners for me as my favorite of the Canadian horror maestro’s films, due in large part to Knight’s insightful, brutal script. The man’s no one hit wonder either, show-running the Tom Hardy period drama Taboo for FX, as well as four seasons of Peaky Blinders. His film Serenity, which he writes and directs, opens January 25th in the US. 

An ‘Eastern Promises’ Sequel Is Happening, Says Steven Knight; Script Will “Reflect Recent Events” [Collider]