Ed Helms to be big pimpin’, spend G’s


Ed Helms is not exactly who I’d picture as a pimp, but I suppose that’s the comedy in it. Ben Stiller and Ed Helms will be co-producing a remake of the 2010 French film Le Mac. The story follows an unassuming man who finds out that his long-lost twin brother is a big player in a major prostitution ring. The police enlist his help to go undercover and take the entire operation down. Helms will star as the man who banks by day and pimps by night.

I like Ed Helms, but he hasn’t been in anything terribly good lately. With Cedar Rapids and The Hangover 2 as his most recent projects, it looks like he might just have terrible choices in scripts. At least he hasn’t bridged into artsy projects yet. I can never take former comedians seriously.

[Via JoBlo]