Eddie Murphy to host the Oscars


Remember how The Academy Awards are totally relevant and still mean something? Well, it turns out the Academy themselves think so, which is probably the only reason Eddie Murphy is hosting this coming awards ceremony. And really, we have Brett Ratner to thank. The Rat man has been trying to get Murphy to host this year’s awards after he got a gig co-producing the telecast. 

While I have no idea who I’d pick to host, I most certainly wouldn’t have chosen Eddie Murphy. Seeing as he hasn’t done anything of worth since Shrek 2, and before that the Beverly Hills Cop series, I don’t see why the guy was chosen. However, I know there are fans of his Raw set, so maybe those people would be excited. 

The Oscars will be February 26, 2012, so expect another live blog when the event goes down.

[via Deadline]