Edgar Wright has shot an Ant-Man test reel


Hot on the heels of yesterday’s bonanza of Marvel news comes the announcement that Edgar Wright has just completed a short test reel for his long in-development Ant-Man movie. The reel, based from the script he and Joe Cornish have been developing since at least 2007, mostly serves to test how Ant-Man’s shrinking powers and ant-commanding helmet will appear and work on screen, as well as setting the tone and style for the film. Ideally, if the studio enjoys the reel, Wright will get to work on directing Ant-Man in earnest some time after The World’s End.

I’m still happy this movie is finally moving forward. I think Edgar Wright making an honest to goodness superhero movie could be something pretty amazing and original, and even though his closest effort, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, was a poor effort in my eyes, it certainly showed the man’s got a hell of an eye for big-time action.

[Via THR]