Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man one step closer to the big screen


Sending in a second draft of a script doesn’t necessarily mean anything in the long run besides there being some progress, but when Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man is concerned, any news is awesome news.

Wright’s co-writer, Joe Cornish, delivered this Giant-Man-sized snippet of information this past weekend at the Kapow! Comic-Con: “We delivered the second draft of Ant-Man two days ago, and we’re really happy with it.”

Awesome news for Avengers fans, Edgar Wright fans, and fans of good movies. While this summer’s Thor and Captain America and next year’s Avengers promise lots of face-melting awesome, seeing Edgar Wright take on one of the most intricate Marvel characters around gets my Pym Particles tingling something awful.

Who do you think is best suited to play Hank Pym? Also, if rumors from like, four years ago are true, we’ll get us some Scott Lang action too. If that’s the case, who should play the second Ant-Man? How about the fashionable, flying Wasp for that matter?