Edgar Wright’s next movie will be a London based psychological thriller


While myself and fellow Flixist staff member Matthew Razak couldn’t understand all the praise lavished on Baby Driver, it’s hard to deny that writer-director Edgar Wright is a fantastic filmmaker. His work on the Cornetto Trilogy was a master class in making something original while paying tribute to inspirations, and I consider Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to be the rare adaptation that is better than the source material. Wright has achieved so much in film that it’s hard to believe he’s only 44.

Outside of Shaun of the Dead and his early TV series Spaced, Wright hasn’t based many of his work in or around London, but with his next movie he’s out to change that omission from his work. In the upcoming issue of Empire magazine, Wright goes into detail about the planned Baby Driver sequel, as well as his newest original movie. While his newest entry doesn’t have a title yet, the new movie will be based around the SoHo area of London and will reportedly be a psychological-thriller. God I didn’t know how much I wanted this.

The film will also have a female lead, a first for his movies. When asked about what the movie would be like, Wright described it as a cross between Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now and Roman Polanski’s Repulsion. Production will move fast as filming is scheduled to begin this summer with a script that Wright co-wrote with Krysty Wilson-Cairns. Wilson-Cairns who has a few scripts in production currently has also written for the horror-fantasy show Penny Dreadful.

Exclusive details on Edgar Wrights Upcoming Movies [Empire Magazine]

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