Edgar Wright sez the Ant-Man script is done


Yay! Wright’s The World’s End is dropping in all of its lager-dripping here in England next week, and it looks pretty rad. Seems our Edgar already has his next project, the long in development Ant-Man which finally got confirmed last year. Comic-Con is coming up and whatnot, but Mr Wright has said that the script has finally been complete. Whether or not original penning partner Joe Cornish has been involved, of Attack The Block fame, is somethin’ else but, well, it’s done done!

This is all ruddy good news. Wright’s ant-based-superhero baby will be the first film to kickstart Phase Three of the ever-expanding Marvel Universe. That much money plus Wright’s lovely wit plus Nathan Fillion (a man can dream) all adds up to one of the most exciting prospects ever. I honestly just can’t wait.