Edge of Tomorrow 2 being pitched by Tom Cruise


Without a doubt one of my favorite films of last year was Edge of Tomorrow (also known as Live. Die. Repeat.) It was a sleeper hit and delivered one of the more original sci-fi films we’d seen in a while. While the film’s concept seems like the kind of thing that might only work once it appears that Tom Cruise has some ideas for the sequel and almost everyone who made it is interested in coming back. 

“I pitched it to McQuarrie and Doug. We were there one night and I was like, I’ve got an idea for it,” Cruise said during a press tour for Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation. McQuarrie and Doug are the original film’s director Doug Liman and its original screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie. Sadly, despite teasing everyone with the actual possibility he didn’t give any details. He also admitted that Emily Blunt said she’d need a year before she could commit.

While this is all pretty exciting in theory the chances of it actually happening are pretty damn slim. The move didn’t exactly tear open the box office, though it got plenty of word of mouth after its release. Maybe Cruise has enough sway still to make it happen, but then the question is should it?

[via i09]

Matthew Razak
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