Edge of Tomorrow sequel finally getting off the ground with new screenwriter


I feel like Edge of Tomorrow (or Live. Die. Repeat. if you prefer) is a movie I am constantly telling people to watch because it’s so damn good but it still lacks the viewership it should (eg. everyone). I’ve also been telling Hollywood to get off its ass and make the damn sequel they’ve been talking about since the original released to rave reviews. Well, now, finally, they are as Warner Bros. is officially developing a sequel to the film.

The studio evidently really liked a pitch that screenwriter Matthew Robinson hurled at them and have brought him in to develop the screenplay alongside director Dough Liman. Almost everyone involved with the first movie has expressed a desire to return for a sequel but the stars, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, are holding off until they see the script to agree to join.

Obviously, at this early stage, plot details are not even remotely being discussed, but Liman has been talking about this movie for years so some things have leaked out like that fact that he wants to call it Live Die Repeat and Repeat, which, while wordy, is pretty damn clever. My biggest concern now is that Robinson is no Christopher McQuarrie, who not only has an Oscar but is also magic when it comes to writing good movies for Tom Cruise. We’ll have to see if he can deliver something as tightly wound and fantastically clever as the first film.

Warner Bros Wants Repeat Of Tom Cruise-Emily Blunt Sci-Fi Hit ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ [Deadline]

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