Edward Furlong will return as John Connor in Terminator: Dark Fate


At San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, Terminator: Dark Fate producer James Cameron confirmed that Edward Furlong would be returning to the franchise after nearly three decades. Reprising his role as John Connor from Terminator 2, Furlong’s turn as Connor in this new sequel will mark the first time the character was played by the same actor twice. I’m not sure he’s deserving of that honor, but at least his presence will further legitimize Dark Fate as the one true T2 sequel.

During the same reveal, director Tim Miller confirmed that the studio won’t be cutting back on the violence to appease the MPAA. “The DNA of Terminator is an R-rated, fucking movie,” Miller passionately stated. While I don’t think violence is completely integral to what Terminator is, at least this new film won’t be gimped in the action department. I can’t imagine seeing Sarah Connor come back and not dropping a few F-bombs while blowing off robotic body parts.

Personally, I don’t know how I feel about Dark Fate. While the first trailer is expertly crafted, the film looks like yet another listless attempt at continuing a series that ended perfectly in the early 90s. Each successive sequel has gotten worse and worse and I’m not really sure Tim Miller can save this franchise. If nothing else, the action will likely be pretty solid, so that’s something.

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