Eighth Saw film is happening whether you’re ready or not


So a few months ago, my roommates and I spent a week watching the seven Saw films. Little things we noticed? Each film was basically the same, each film began and ended with the same cheesy score and “big reveal,” and you could basically title them dumb things and they’d still make sense. For example: 

  • Saw
  • Saw II: House of Saw
  • Saw III: Sawgery
  • Saw IV: Saw What I Saw
  • Saw V: Saw Team 5
  • Saw VI: Sawcial Security
  • Saw 3D: Sawgecy

Oh yeah, an eighth Saw film is apparently in the works according to Bloody Disgusting, who found mention of the project on the Ontario Media Development Corp’s project listing. Interestingly enough, Peter and Michael Spierig, who directed the interesting Predestination recently, are reportedly attached to direct. 

Lionsgate hasn’t officially announced the project (rumored to be titled “Legacy”) yet, but it’ll probably release next year.

[via Bloody Disgusting]