El costumes from Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel


We’re about a year away from Zack Snyder’s emotional and edgy Man of Steel. We’ve run some photos of Henry Cavill on set in costume as well as the first official costume still for the movie, but now we’ve got another look at the costumes of the film courtesy of the Licensing Expo.

The images show off the full suits for Superman, his father Jor-El (who’ll be played by Russell Crowe), and a female Kryptonian outfit. (First Showing’s Alex Billington thinks it may be Faora’s, a super-powered baddie played by Antje Traue.) There’s a lot of texture and activity, particularly with Jor-El’s get-up, and I still wonder about Superman’s beltless belt buckle.

In the gallery I’ve included the pics from the House of El’s 2013 summer fashion line. Though not Superman related, I’ve also included the poster for the RoboCop remake that teases just a little of the possible redesign. Be sure to check out Coming Soon and Shock Til You Drop for their full photo galleries from the Licensing Expo.

[Coming Soon and Shock Til You Drop via First Showing]

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