El Rey Network has a 72-hour kung-fu movie marathon for Thanksgiving weekend


As the resident kung fu movie dork at Flixist, it pleases me to announce that you can spend your Thanksgiving weekend watching 72 hours of kung fu movies. This is what the pilgrims crossed the ocean for, guys.

The El Rey Network is having their second annual Way of the Turkey marathon. Starting on Thursday, November 26th at 6am, viewers will be able to see three days worth of classic martial arts films featuring host segments with Shannon Lee (daughter of Bruce Lee) and Dario Cueto (Lucha Underground).

Some of the movies queued up for the Way of the Turkey include:

  • Fist of Fury
  • The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (Shaolin Master Killer)
  • Come Drink with Me
  • The Five Deadly Venoms
  • One-Armed Swordsman
  • Five Fingers of Death (King Boxer)
  • Legendary Weapons of China
  • Ten Tigers of Kwangtung

Lots of classics, and also Game of Death, the incomplete Bruce Lee would-be masterpiece that turned into a sad schlock curiosity.

In essence, this is like MST3K’s Turkey Day, but with fewer robots and mad scientists.

For more information on The Way of the Turkey, check out the El Rey Network website.

Hubert Vigilla
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