Eli Roth directing Russell Crowe as Dracula


Dracula is such a Hollywood whore. The guys been making movies in every genre since the dawn of film. From classic horror to screwball comedy, Dracula just won’t say no to a movie. Next up is a cop film in the form of Harker, which tells the story of Scotland Yard detective Jonathan Harker as he attempts to track down Dracula.

The project has been kicking around a while, but seems to have new life as director Eli Roth has signed on to replace Jaume Collet-Serra(Orphan). Warner Bros. is keen on fast tracking the film, which they plan to turn into a franchise, and Collet-Serra isn’t available when they want him so its Roth’s first chance to direct a major film since Hostel II. Also of note is the fact that Russell Crowe, who was previously though to be playing Harker, will actually be playing Dracula in the film. He’s only signed on for the one film as well so it appears Harker will be tracking down more mythical bad guys in possible future installments.

The difference between Collet-Serra’s style of horror and Eli Roth’s is about as far apart as you can possibly get, and should definitely make for a much different film. I don’t think Roth taking over is a bad thing or a good thing as both directors could do so really great stuff with this idea. We’re just going to get a much more gore oriented film with Roth at the helm.

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Matthew Razak
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