Elijah Wood gets maniacal in the Maniac remake


You may remember some news from last year that Elijah Wood was starring in a remake of Maniac, the 1980 gorefest from William Lustig. We also brought you set photos from the Maniac remake, with Wood getting maniac-y. Now the first official images of Franck Khalfoun’s Maniac remake have showed up online, and one of them looks like it’s linked to the stabby set photos from last year. (Well how about that?) Also pictured in these official photos are co-star Nora Arnezeder and an unfortunate mannequin who broke Andrew McCarthy’s heart.

I still wonder how gory they’ll get with this one. Tom Savini’s work in the Lustig film is incredibly disturbing. The original Maniac features a particularly famous shotgun blast to the face. It’s like an explosion at a Chef Boyardee factory.

In the gallery we have all the Maniac images for you to browse. Maniac makes its world premiere at Cannes (seriously) on May 26th. In the meantime, Elijah Wood is playing the piano at 55mph (also seriously). It wouldn’t be a problem if he just opened with John Cage’s “4’33”.

[Via The Playlist]

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