Elijah Wood is a Maniac, all stabbing on girls and stuff


I love Elijah Wood. I can’t think of a movie of his that I’ve seen that I didn’t like. The episodes of Wilfred that I’ve seen (distressingly few) have been fantastic. His soft features do something to me that I can’t quite explain.

And in 2013, I get to watch him murder and (probably) scalp women in a remake of the 1980 film Maniac.

Maniac tells the story of Frank Zito (Wood) who has some mommy issues and takes them out on women he stalks on the internet in an attempt to get revenge on his mother. He also works at an antique mannequin store, because hey, why not?

I haven’t seen the original film but I’m pretty sure I’ve got my post-podcast recording plans locked in this evening, as Maniac is available on Netflix’s Instant Queue. Check out below for the three full-size set pictures of Elijah Wood stabbing a girl.

[Via Daily Mail]

Elijah Wood getting all stabby