Eliza Dushku developing, starring in adaptation of Glen Cook’s The Black Company


The Black Company, a fantasy series written by Glen Cook and begun in 1984 spanning ten books, deals with magic, and an elite mercenary unit. It’s kind of right up Eliza Dushku’s alley, as you may remember her from her time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel–and what shows say epic fantasy better than those?!?

Seriously though, the premise is intriguing. There’s a bad guy. Magical. And a bad girl [Eliza Dushku]. Magical. And some magical special forces doing their bidding. Or, are they? Superimpose the voiceover to the A-Team here and wait for the music. Did I mention that it’s also being developed by David S. Goyer? The same David S. Goyer who wrote tiny little flops like the Blade trilogy, the Dark Knight trilogy, and Man of Steel. No big deal.

As they say on the ESPN’s Highly Questionable, si, I’m intrigued.




[Via Variety]