Elizabeth Banks will direct and star in ‘The Invisible Woman’ reboot


Universal Pictures has just announced that Elizabeth Banks will be directing and starring in Invisible Woman, a reboot of the 1940 monster film The Invisible Woman. Despite having a bomb on her hands with the poorly received and even poorer performing Charlie’s Angels reboot, it seems Universal is confident that Banks can turn this project around.

Erin Cressida Wilson will be penning the script with Banks and Max Handelman producing through Brownstone Productions. This film comes after Universal failed to kick start its “Dark Universe” series with 2017’s The Mummy. Having put plans on hold, it appears as if three years will be enough time to forgot the failures of the past. Invisible Woman is unlikely to be launching its own extended universe, but it’s still a surprising turn for the studio after it shelved plans in the past.

Universal Sets Elizabeth Banks To Direct, Star In ‘Invisible Woman [Deadline]

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