Ellen DeGeneres hosting the 86th annual Academy Awards


For awhile it seemed that The Academy just wanted Seth MacFarlane to host the 2014 Oscars (despite his use of anti-women jokes), but then he dropped out because he was too busy. Scrambling to find a host with the same amount of pull (MacFarlane pulled in something like 40 million viewers to the decreasingly fading ceremony), The Academy has found the one person who has that pull as well as someone who’s not a complete jerk to women: Ellen DeGeneres. 

Ellen DeGeneres announced via Twitter:

It’s official: I’m hosting the ! I’d like to thank , my wife Portia and, oh dear, there goes the orchestra.

Last time she hosted the Oscars back in 2007, she netted 39 million viewers (something the ceremony has tried to get back to since) but now that her talk show’s even more of a juggernaut, expect that number to be even greater. I’m looking forward to it, are you? 

[via Twitter]