Ellen DeGeneres keeps swimming as Dory in Finding Nemo 2


When the long coming, but unsurprising, sequel to the super-popular Finding Nemo was first announced, I didn’t like the idea. While I have no idea where the plot will go (since they found Nemo), at least Ellen DeGeneres coming back is a good sign. She’s been campaigning for years for a sequel, and if’s she all in then so am I. 

Oddly enough, Ellen is the first announced to return. Is Dory the most popular character from the original or is Ellen just the most influential? I can imagine the advertising opportunities since Ellen commands a two million strong audience for her talk show. At the very least, I’m expecting future announcements to be made through her show. 

Oh well, I guess I’m going to see this now. Still waiting on that Incredibles sequel though. Get on it, Pixar. 

[via First Showing]