Emerald Fennell, director of Promising Young Woman, will write DC’s Zatanna film


The superhero juggernaut continues to lurch, as Warner Bros. and DC Films have announced plans for Emerald Fennell to author the screenplay for the upcoming Zatanna, the screen debut of the iconic Justice Leaguer and multiverse-manipulating magician of DC lore.

Though little is known about Zatanna, the announcement of Fennell’s involvement with the script would indicate that production is still in the early stages over at DC Films and Bad Robot, where the upcoming DC Extended Universe entry will be developed. A director has not yet been named for Zatanna, though one wonders whether Fennelle herself will take up the role alongside writing the script.

Another high-profile acquisition for superhero films, Fennell’s Promising Young Woman premiered last year to strong reviews (our own Jesse Lab was a fan), and is currently up for multiple Academy AwardsPromising Young Woman was Fennell’s first feature directing role, though she’s been an accomplished performer and writer for years now, having appeared in episodes of The Crown and written for series like Call the Midwife and Killing Eve.

Zatanna was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Murphy Anderson in 1964, enduring to become one of DC’s most-iconic heroines, lending a hand to the Justice League when things need to get weird and magical. Actress Serinda Swan portrayed Zatanna in Smallville, though her casting in the upcoming feature is unconfirmed.

With Zack Snyder’s Justice League making waves and a slew of upcoming projects like The Suicide Squad in development, DC’s bid for competition with Disney’s MCU isn’t over yet. For more suits, spandex, and all things Zatanna, stay tuned.

Source: Variety