Emma Stone climbs aboard Little White Corvette


The funny and gorgeous Emma Stone, seen epitomising both those qualities in the above image, will star in Little White Corvette, a comedy about ‘a nerdy guy and his wild older sister who travel to Miami to try and sell a million dollar stash of ’70s cocaine they found in the trunk of their late father’s car.’

As certain as I am that Stone will knock her Gwen Stacy out of the park in his summer’s Spider-Man rehash, it’s a relief to know she has some comedy in the pipeline. I’m a firm believer that she is one of the biggest comic talents of her generation (although Suburgatory‘s Jane Levy is a mighty strong contender for her title of most adorable dry-witted redhead) and this sounds like a strong project for her. No word on a director yet, but Stone’s presence should be enough to get anyone interested.

[via Collider]