Emma Stone is starring in Cameron Crowe’s ‘Deep Tiki’


This can only be good news, if not the greatest news of all time. Cameron Crowe, writer/director of masterpieces Almost Famous and Say Anything, has reworked the script for his seriously delayed Deep Tiki (from 2008) and development has started on it once again. The best part of all this news is that Emma Stone (of Spiderp-man and Gangster Squad fame) is set to be the female lead.

According to Collider, Deep Tiki‘s original plot involved a “disgraced military weapons consultant who, after being deployed to a dormant base in Hawaii to supervise the launch of a spy satellite, starts to discover himself and the relationships he left behind against the backdrop of mythical island lore and Cold War-esque diplomacy.”

Not exactly sure how much of the original plot makes it into the final product, but whatever makes it in will most undoubtedly be amazing. It’s also a romantic comedy (which isn’t something I would expect after reading the synopsis). Emma Stone is one of the treasures of this generation and Cameron Crowe is flippin’ Cameron Crowe! If there’s anyone I’ll trust a romantic comedy with, it’s these too-amazing-to-be-people, people. 

[via Collider]