End of Watch releases stateside September 21st


In order to avoid competition during its original release weekend of September 28th, End of Watch is getting bumped up a week to September 21st, 2012. Since I was going to see both Looper and End of Watch anyway, it’s pretty great that I get to spread out the awesomeness. 

I really, really hope End of Watch turns out to be great, or at the very least, entertaining. Jake Gyllenhaal has always been hit or miss to me, and Micheal Pena is a stereotypical Spanish dude who’s funny when he’s allowed to be a stereotypical Spanish dude rather than something he’s not. David Ayer has always been better at smaller exchanges too. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 

While you and I wait anxiously for September 21st, check out these, new to us, set photos in the gallery below.