Ender’s Game bought by Twilight studio, has director


So, apparently the Ender’s Game movie is still happening. At least, that’s what /Film is reporting. It seems that Summit Entertainment, the house that Twilight built, has bought the distribution rights to the Orson Scott Card adaptation. But that’s not all! Gavin Hood, director of the abortion of a movie that was Wolverine, will be in the director’s chair on Ender’s.

While it usually doesn’t matter which studio distributes what flick, the director of said flick kinda does matter. What’s more surprising than the choice of director though, is the fact that this movie is still happening. Didn’t this get announced back in like, 2002? I mean, I’m glad it’s still happening, but is the wait worth it? I’ve never read Ender’s Game, mostly because I can’t be bothered to read anymore. So, sci-fi people, would Ender’s Game be a decent movie? And if so, is Ender’s game Scattergories? Because mine totally would be.

[Via /Film]