Ender’s Game sequel in question, TV show possible


Anyone who saw Ender’s Game knows it left off with a pretty perfect set up for a whole host of sequels, and anyone who has read the book series knows there is plenty of (increasingly odd) content for them to adapt. However, it might not happen. Despite the film hitting expectations in terms of box office it definitely wasn’t a runaway hit and so Lionsgate, the film’s production company, is holding off on whether or not they’ll move forward with a sequel. 

CEO Jon Feltheimer told analysts that they will wait a week or two more to see how the film continues to perform before pulling the trigger on the sequel. Given the incorrect perception that the film was a flop or let down we’re guessing that we won’t be getting one. However, don’t start weeping yet. Lionsgate is thinking of moving the franchise to television, which actually could deliver a very cool story. Still, the lower budget of TV makes me want to see another Ender’s Game film on the big screen.

[via Variety]

Matthew Razak
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