Enjoy the first trailer for Finding Dory


Finding Dory is finally here… in trailer form. Of all the hotly anticipated Pixar films (which is all of them) I’m most hotly anticipating this one. This first trailer gives us a little hint at the story, which finds Dory, Nemo and Martin searching for her family. Mostly it just plays with Dory’s short term memory, though.

There’s plenty to do in the big ocean so I’m not worried about this coming off as forced like Cars 2, but hopefully there’s a bit more to it than a bunch of memory jokes. Most likely there will be since it’s Pixar. That probably means we’ll get those jokes and then a ton of emotional stuff that will crush our souls before reigniting them with hope and love in a conclusion that reaffirms our faith in humanity and childhood.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Finding Dory' Trailer

Matthew Razak
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