Enter to win an Iron Sky prize pack!


[This contest is now closed! Congrats to our winner – G K! Thanks for reading and look out for more contests soon! -Liz Rugg]

Hey there! Do you like Space Nazis? ‘Course you do! Who doesn’t like malicious groups of Nazis who plot to terrorize the Earth from the dark side of the moon? Well, now you can be entered to win some bonafide Space Nazi swag. All you have to do is comment on this story with the next location that you think that Nazis should create their base for a chance to win the following: an Iron Sky Flying Saucer frisbee, an Iron Sky Mousepad and Pen, and an Iron Sky Official T-Shirt.

There will be two (yes, two!) winners in this contest and each will receive a prize pack, so get in your entry today! Offer Continental US only, and the contest ends Sunday, August 19th! You can also check out more about Iron Sky on the movie’s Facebook and website.