Envy everyone at the Comic-con panel for ‘Twixt’


Chill out to our first image from Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt, formerly Twixt Now and Sunrise, which in my opinion is just as bad a title downgrade as Hugo 3D is from The Invention of Hugo Cabaret.

Elle “I-can-see-my-sister’s-career-in-my-rear-view-mirror” Fanning is pretty much giving Coppola his first major exposure in twenty years, but don’t count out the remaining cast and crew from pulling their weight. Expanding on Bob Muir’s earlier report, the Comic-con panel with Coppola, who will at the very least be in attendance, will incorporate the film’s Electronica artist and composer in a live performance. Comic-con’s website explains that it will “involve the audience in a dress rehearsal of the completely unique and innovative way they plan on performing it.” I don’t know if this includes the little actress or it doesn’t, but that outfit might actually let her walk the floor of the SDCC floor unmolested.

Wait just a moment… this reminds me of a t-shirt. For a cryptic bit of Twixt/Coppola backstory and a picture definitively proving that Dakota Fanning only exists to drop Easter eggs for her sibling’s future projects, follow me after the jump.

[Via Movieline]


My vague understanding from previous reports is that Twixt is a Gothic murder mystery in which a has-been writer stops at a small town, meets actress Elle Fanning, then watches her transform into Ziggy Stardust. Only one segment of the movie will be done in 3D but considering how crazy it sounds already, that could just as easily mean a live performance only shown at one theater in the center of the United States, with all flocking to it like some kind of Cine-Mecca. Believe it or not, that was Francis Ford Coppola’s original plan for Apocalypse Now. Stay tuned for SDCC coverage from Flixist, our writers from the softer, sandier side of the US will be reporting.

Here’s that photo I promised, straight from my enormous collection of underage actress pics…