Epic new poster for X-Men: Dark Phoenix revealed


Literal chills. The final installment of the X-men franchise is to hit theaters next February, and earlier today in a Tweet, @XMenMovies released the details for a brand new poster with Sophie Turner (Jean Grey /Phoenix) silhouetted against a burning backdrop. The effect is simply operatic.

As revealed just a couple of days ago, our fave mutants are a step closer to joining the Avengers (what’s left of them), with producer Kevin Feige confirmed to be taking the wheel once the Fox merger goes through. I have to say, it makes financial (and on-screen) sense to have them together, though God forbid that Fantastic Four ever make the cut and join them in a big, soupy superhero showdown. I say this, knowing it’s already in motion and there’s little mere mortals can do against such forces of evil.

Anyway, the latest poster heralds the beginning of the end of the X-Men as they stand (which is a sad day) – but hey, they’ve had a good run so far. After eleven solid movies and more of topless Hugh Jackman than I care to see again in my lifetime, Dark Phoenix will follow on from Apocalypse (it was ok but Days of Future Past was better…after The Last Stand and, of course, original X-Men.) Based on Marvel’s Dark Phoenix saga comics, it’s likely to be a bit darker and heavier than previous movies (though they’ve not all exactly been a barrel of laughs…I’m looking at you, Logan.)

In the poster, a faint X can be seen behind Dark Phoenix and the starry galaxy nods to the other intergalactic adventures we’ve experienced with the MCU this year, though the two haven’t tied the knot just yet. There’s even a soundbite playing over the poster, giving us a sneak preview of some of the dialogue we can expect. Returning stars will include James Mcavoy (Xavier), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), Nicholas Hoult (Beast) and a handful of others, including Jessica Chastain, who will join the team as a shapeshifter alongside Phoenix.

I’m fully invested in the MCU, and I’m looking forward to the merger happening: I just think X-Men on their own have really surpassed themselves and showcase Stan Lee’s finer creative juices and meatier, more engaging plotlines. After numerous reshoots and Disney acquisition drama, not to mention all the release date pushbacks and The New Mutants almost completely falling off the radar, I think we deserve a break and an X-Men movie that is just far enough removed from the MCU saturation this year. I’m really looking forward to a fresh, independent addition next spring – and of course for the trailer tonight.

Dark Phoenix: First Trailer Revealed for Final X-Men Movie Debuts Wednesday, New Poster Revealed [IGN]

Sian Francis Cox
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