ESPN 30 for 30: Angels in the Outfield


While I don’t necessarily like baseball, I really like the idea of baseball, especially documentaries about baseball. That goes for pitching docs like Fastball and Knuckleball, as well as underdog stories like The Battered Bastards of Baseball. As an idea, baseball is this repository for regional and national history as well as a vessel for myth-making and goofy-ass yarns.

That may be why I thought this College Humor parody of 30 for 30 is pretty great. Done in the style of ESPN’s excellent documentary series, we get a close look at the sports lore of Angels in the Outfield.

Give it a watch below.

If Angels In The Outfield Happened For Real (30 For 30 Parody)

I know--I didn’t realize Matthew McConaughey was in Angels in the Outfield. Also, Adrien Brody?! (I have never watched the movie, so there’s that.)

The World Series is next week, pitting the Mets against the Royals or the Blue Jays. Who are you jabronis rooting for?

[via Collider]
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