Essential 2020 viewing: My Spy to be streamed via Amazon Prime


The coronavirus has hit the film industry hard. It’s an unavoidable fact, one that seems to underline every news piece I write up or read. In an unprecedented time for movies, where theaters are closed and studios are looking to new ways to push their product, we’re brought news today of the long awaited (or is it long dreaded?) My Spy.

My Spy | Official Trailer

A brief history: My Spy is the action comedy in which Dave Bautista plays hapless bodyguard to a charismatic nine-year-old (Chloe Coleman). Wise beyond her years, and Bautista brawn with little subtlety, hijinks ensue, as they say.

Originally slated for an August 2019 release by distributor STX Entertainment, the film was pushed to January, and then March of 2020. A week before its planned March 13th release, My Spy was pushed to release on April 17th. Then, a global pandemic happened.

With the film pulled from the release schedule, the fate of My Spy was left in the air. Will Dave Bautista swoop in time to save us from these wretched plague-times,” many of us thought to ourselves. Luckily, Amazon has stepped in to save the picture, so Bautista can indeed save us all.

Amazon has confirmed today that My Spy will be made available to stream via Amazon Prime Video at a yet-to-be-specified future date. 

There we have it then. Saved from the fate of becoming another New Mutants, it looks as if My Spy will see light of day sooner rather than later.

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